Copenhagen Pride 2016


Copenhagen Pride, Denmark’s annual Human Rights festival, came to an end yesterday after almost a week of LGTB activities all around the city. As usual, it culminated in a big parade and we were there to take photos. You can see Jonathan’s photos here.


After culling and sorting, I ended up with 304 photos that I’m happy with and in my opinion give a perfect insight in the atmosphere of the day. The problem is: the atmosphere of the day was so full of colors, soap bubbles, glitter, singing and dancing, that I just cannot post less than 130 photos in this blog post. Bear with me and look at all those beautiful, amazing people representing the LGTB community or those supporting it.

Some of my personal highlights


Pastors blowing kisses and showing off their support wristband while clearly enjoying the view on the parade.


A group of elderly people cheering in excitement.




The American ambassador Rufus Gifford and his husband waving, shaking hands and taking pictures with the crowd


The Danish-Turkish-Kurdish politician Özlem Cekic walking with Sabaah, a group supporting minority ethnic LGBT+ people in Denmark.




Also the huge amount of families and children was amazing, as the pride parade is a perfect possibility to show them how different people are and still have the right to be respected and be happy.

The weather was nice and the crowd huge. Almost everyone displayed the rainbow colors in some ways and seemed to be open, smiling, having a great time and watching out for others – a surely safe environment for a photographer.

Click on the thumbnails to open large version.

Sorry for the picspam!

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