Rooaadtriip! [Picspam, for real]

We are back from our short roadtrip in Germany and the Netherlands! And yes, I will try to blog in English now, despite being afraid of making mistakes. Because PR and stuff.

Studio Experimente

The trip had everything – hot, burning sun and short summer rains. City life with neon nights, wild bats and roaming bunny families. Swims in the sunset and lonesome fishers in the sunrise. Breakfast at a lake with swallows and Pokémon Go with a lot of other players to catch this really rare Pokémon. Culture and binge watching of a new series (Orphan Black). Family and friends and total strangers. Cats and dogs. And a lot of photos. As the latter was one of the purposes of the trip, the rest of this post will mainly consist of the pictures I took.

We started out with visiting a Danish farm with hypoallergenic North American Curly horses. I don’t have any pictures of that as, obviously, I was busy touching horses for the first time in about 20 years. (For those who are curious: I had a minor local allergic reaction after about 15-20 minutes of petting.)
This historic event still was documented of course:


Afterwards we had a short stay in Lüneburg (Germany) Groningen and Lauwersoog (Netherlands), Bielefeld and Oldenburg. We only planned the places where we would stay for the night, otherwise we acted completely spontaneous. Our main goal was to take pictures, so we we made a detour to Bremerhaven with its big harbour and in Lauwersoog we got up at 4.30am to catch the sunrise. It was an exciting way of travelling that I definitely want to repeat. However, next time I would go for a longer time span to have more freedom when to go where.

In general, people were really nice towards our cameras and twice we collected email addresses so we could provide our “models” with the final images.

Do also read Jonathan’s blogpost and admire his photos over here (in German, though)!

And now comes the wave of pictures – enjoy!

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