A little bit of self promotion with free give aways


On the weekend of 1st advent, Jonathan got the idea that we could held a sort of advent calendar for GegenWind where people could win prints of our photos every day.

The idea stuck at once and we are soon shipping the first batch of prints! A lot of decisions, coding (we developed whole new website), choosing and ordering prints has taken place in the past days, but it feels so great to finally physically prove to people that we fucking mean it and will give them free prints.

We haven’t put any more pictures on our walls since the first photo as our walls are made of concrete, but touching and looking at the photo prints definitely brings back the motivation to decorate a little more. We just need to find someone who is willing to put up with the walls – in a pretty way. :D

The winners are picked randomly from the database by a SQL query, so I got to practice that, too. Check it out, sign up with your mail address (you only need to do it once for the rest of December!), tell your friends – and win one of our awesome prints!

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  • Whoohoo!
    I know that ain’t really the point of your post,but are you gonna blog again regularly from now on? :D

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