Livia Review Part 1: Unboxing

Funny that after many months of absence from this blog I would return blogging about – menstruation! But you have to make an entrance, don’t you.
So this is the first post about Livia, apparently The Off Switch for Menstrual Pain.

The Livia got my attention through their quite hilarious ad:

Even though their choice of wording is a little weird – who screams that eloquently “The pain is unbearable!” or “Oh, this is painful!” when it hurts? – the premise of the ad is spot on.

The price for the device is quite juicy, but I would really like to get off the painkillers, so I ordered one.
I knew that there are problems with the delivery to backers from the time, that the Livia was crowdfounded on Indiegogo, so I didn’t expect a fast delivery. Especially as I didn’t get any order or delivery confirmation by mail. A little over a week after my order, I contacted them to ask whether my order and payment had gone through as I had not received a confirmation yet. I got a very quick response assuring me, that everything had gone though and that my Livia already was on the way. So they could definitely up their game in terms of automated email sending, but at least they responded quickly to my email.
I received the device about three weeks after ordering (sent from Isreal to Denmark).

The box contains:

  • Livia
  • Case
  • Flower pads
  • 2x sets extra gel pads
  • Charging cable
  • Users manual

You can get different skins for the Livia. According to the ad, there are a lot of different colors and even patterns. When I ordered, however, I could only choose between this blueish-green, purple, lavender and pink. (Also, I should totally have put a banana for scale on the pictures, too! I need to up my game!)

The flower pads are covered by transparent plastic stickers to prevent the pads from sticking everywhere – and they are very sticky! Don’t lose those cover stickers, or you’ll have that gel everywhere!

I haven’t had the chance to test the effects of Livia yet, but I do actually already have one major complaint, that bugs me: the case.

I love the idea of the case, especially as periods tend to have a particular good sense of timing and always arrive in time to go on vacation or trips with you. So a nice little case to store the device really comes in handy. Well – if everything fits in it. Which it doesn’t. The annoying part: it is really, really close.

Still looking as if everything fits in the suitcase ready to enjoy the summer in Greece:

Not so much anymore:


I mean – it’s not as if the flower pads are a little extra that is nice to attach to the Livia. No, they are necessary! They are an essential part of the device, and also they are attached to cables, and if there is one thing you want to store nicely wrapped up in your luggage it’s cables! Now I always need to bring the case, Livia and an additional little bag only for the flower pads. And yes, I was putting pressure on the case when I took the photo. I wouldn’t want to put more on it for fear of breaking it. Correct me if I’m wrong and you have experience with just jamming everything into the case.

You can read about the Indiegogo project here and visit the official website with webshop here.

2 Responses to “Livia Review Part 1: Unboxing

  • Hi! I found your blog through googling about Livia. I have had mine for a week or so and was just able to start using it. I am able to fit everything except for the charging cable in the little case. I make sure to put the pads in first and the curl up the cords on top and snap it closed. I wish I could fit the charger in there, though.

    Have you gotten a chance to use yours yet? I like the results, but I found that the pads lost some of their stickiness after just using it for just one day. My assumption is that the pads are supposed to last through one cycle. Looking forward to reading part 2!

    • Hi Caitlyn

      Thanks a lot for your comment! In my eyes, I really tried to push everything (except charging cable) into the case, but maybe I should just push harder. :D

      I am aware that I owe a follow up post. The thing is that I really wanted to be sure before I write anything. I have tried Livia twice and even though I think it helps, it didn’t help in the way I expected. It didn’t just make the pain vanish in my case, but it made it more bearable as the tickling on the skin somehow was distracting and soothing. However, I also don’t think that I experienced the worst case of menstruation cramps both times, and the question is: was I just lucky, or weren’t they the worst cramps becuase of the Livia?
      So, to sum up: I wasn’t pain free, maaayyybee it took some of the pain, especially for home use I find it soothing and relaxing.

      (It’s not very practical, though. As you write, the pads don’t stick that well. Also the Livia itself doesn’t clip on that well to my pants, so I ended up just putting it into my pockets.)

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