Livia Review Part 2: Menstruating

I sincerely apologize for my late part 2 of the Livia review. The difficult thing about working with menstruation is that you have to keep to its schedule. And as I wasn’t sure what to write after the first try, I obviously had to wait a month to make sure of what I wanted to write. And then I forgot.

But here it is, my description of how it is to use it, and whether it actually works.

My background

Along the years, I’ve gathered some side effects when getting my menstruation. First came the cramps, then the nausea. Later on also some other symptoms that announce thar arrival of the menstruation to a week before.

The nausea has been the worst physical reactions. I would head home from schen, even though ool, hoping to make it in time to embrace the toilet. As food wasn’t the cause for the nausea, I could retch for almost a whole day, until both nausea and cramps would stop and everythig was fine again the next day.

There is a special tea, that can prevent the nausea if you drink it every day in the week before you expect to get your menstruation. It didn’t prevent the pain, though, and after a year I couldn’t stand the taste of the tea anymore (maybe it can be mixed with other flavours, I never tried). Also, if I didn’t start drinking the tea in time, I would still be nauseous.

At some point, I discovered that paracetamol taken in the beginnings of the pain, not only took down the pain, it also took away the nausea. So that’s where I’ve been the past many years: poppng a paracetamol, sometimes two, and feeling fine.

While in the beginning, I still had to remember to take the painkiller early enough to not vomit it out again, haven’t had the problem for some time now.

Using the Livia

After a comment on my first post, I now managed to force everything into the little case. Nontheless, I find the handling of the Livia more impractival than shown in the video and advertised with. The clip on the Livia not only bent down the top edge of my pants, but also fell off at some point. I just decided to pop it into my pockets then, even though it would be visible then. On the other hand – it was also visible when clipped onto the pants, as it is very bulgy, so what the heck. Unfortunately, there is no edge to clip onto or pockets to put it into when you want to use the Livia while wearing a dress.

When using the Livia you feel a slightly tickling sensation under the stickers on the skin. If you turn up the power, the tickling gets stronger and can even feel as if your skin gets pulled or even stung.

I start using the Livia when the pain is increasing but not unbearable yet. And here is why I feel conflicted about what to write: at no point while using the Livia did the pain vanish. I did like to use it as it somehow overlays the pain with a constant tickling or pulling sensation which somehow makes it difficult to focus on the pain underneath. It’s difficult to describe. It’s as if you are listening to a radio program with a lot of noise – you can clearly hear the vocies or music behind the noise, but you cannot clearly understand what’s being said.

Because of that, I’m not sure whether I would get used to using at work or other places than home, as I still have physical sensations that are painful and annoying. However, at home I will certainly carry on to use it as the constant sensation is somehow soothing and relaxing.


The past three months I haven’t used painkillers. I haven’t been pain free (as I would have been if I had taken the pills), but the pain has not been unbearable. Also, I wasn’t nauseaous. I’m not sure whether that’s because of the Livia – as I wrote, I wasn’t pain free, and I couldn’t feel a conscious sudden relief, when starting to use it.
Maybe it prevented the pain from getting worse. Maybe I just had light symptoms during the last three cycles, which I do sometimes have. Nontheless, I still find it soothing to use the Livia and will continue to do so. Maybe I will update this post in the future depending on, how the next months turn out.

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