Livia Review Part 2: Menstruating

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I sincerely apologize for my late part 2 of the Livia review. The difficult thing about working with menstruation is that you have to keep to its schedule. And as I wasn’t sure what to write after the first try, I obviously had to wait a month to make sure of what I wanted to […]

Livia Review Part 1: Unboxing

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Livia claims to be The Off Switch for Menstrual Pain. I finally got mine and will report my uterus’ opinion about being tasered!

A little bit of self promotion with free give aways

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On the weekend of 1st advent, Jonathan got the idea that we could held a sort of advent calendar for GegenWind where people could win prints of our photos every day. The idea stuck at once and we are soon shipping the first batch of prints! A lot of decisions, coding (we developed whole new […]

Rooaadtriip! – Video

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I already blogged of our summer vacation roadtrip here. Luckily, we did not only shoot photos, we (almost only Jonathan) also filmed a little using both the Canon 6D and GoPro. Last week, we finally sat down and cut a little video out of the footage. It was pretty fun and interesting as we both […]

Copenhagen Pride 2016

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Copenhagen Pride, Denmark’s annual Human Rights festival, came to an end yesterday after almost a week of LGTB activities all around the city. As usual, it culminated in a big parade and we were there to take photos. You can see Jonathan’s photos here. After culling and sorting, I ended up with 304 photos that […]

Shooting Street Portraits and Talking to People

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During Project Ginger I gained more selfconfidence in taking photos of total strangers on the street, and I also learned that people tend to be quiet happy and positive towards the idea of a strange woman taking pictures of them. However, I always ask them before pressing the shutter and everything about the photos is […]

Some more Copenhagen Streetphotography

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The best visitors are the ones with the same sleep pattern and the same hobby. So it’s absolutely okay for Naz to visit us again as sleeping in before going on long photography trips in the city is totally my cup of tea. Even though I already have hundreds of nice photos of Copenhagen, I […]

Rooaadtriip! [Picspam, for real]

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We’ve been on a short roadtrip in our summer vacation, and it has been full of varieties and tons of photos. And you can see them all here now.

Erste Fotos aus dem Heimstudio

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Es gibt erste Fotos aus unserem ganz eigenen Heimstudio! Produkt-, “Action-” und Portraitfotos von einem Studioblitz-N00b wie mir.

Stepping up

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Whuut – schon wieder ein Selbstportrait? Und dann ist es noch nichtmal 100% scharf? Ja ok, ignoriert das letzte. Und das este von mir aus auch. Denn darum geht es gar nicht. Immer wieder habe ich hervor gehoben, dass wir in unserem Wohnzimmer gerne ein Fotostudio einrichten würden. Und auch wenn Licht und Wand echt […]