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Project Ginger - Judith
I’m a fake ginger myself.
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I started this photography project to gain more experience in portrait photography and build myself a portfolio of portraits. I chose to take pictures of redheads because I think that red is the most beautiful hair color. The focus is not on whether the color is real or fake (I am one of those), or if the hair is short or long. I want to show the diversity of hair and its shapes and colours.

The pictures will be taken of anyone who has the courage it. To keep the focus on the model in front of the camera, I will only use natural light. So far I have not put a limitation in terms of time or number of pictures.

If you are a ginger and want to participate in the project, you can contact me via Since I live in Copenhagen, I would prefer to arrange shoots here. If there are several interested people from other areas, it may perhaps be arranged, too.


The pictures link to my Flickr profile, where you can see the large versions. All the photos from longer shoots can also be seen there, they are marked as “full shoot”.